The page title is an essential element for both SEO and user experience. In Angular, there are a few ways to set a static page title, such as in the index.html file, where the page title will be the same for the whole application. Or, we can set a title per route, where the title will be different for each route.

// Title per route with the "title" property
const myRoutes = [
    { path: 'home', component: HomeComponent, title: 'Where it all starts' },
    { path: 'about', component: AboutComponent, title: 'About our awesome team' },

However, sometimes we need to set a dynamic page title based on the current route or data. In such cases, we can achieve this by using a Custom Title Strategy in Angular.

Using a Custom Title Strategy

Setting up a Custom Title Strategy is easy. All we need to do is create a service that extends the TitleStrategy class from @angular/router. Here is an example of a CustomTitleStrategy that sets the page title to the current route title if it’s set; otherwise, it will use the default title from index.html and add a suffix to the title:

    providedIn: 'root',
export class CustomTitleStrategy extends TitleStrategy {
    private readonly title: Title = inject(Title);

    public updateTitle(snapshot: RouterStateSnapshot): void {
        // PageTitle is equal to the "Title" of a route if it's set
        // If its not set it will use the "title" given in index.html
        const pageTitle = this.buildTitle(snapshot) || this.title.getTitle();
        this.title.setTitle(`${pageTitle} - My awesome application`);

We also need to tell Angular that we want to use our CustomTitleStrategy class instead of the default TitleStrategy class. We can achieve this using useClass. Here’s an example:

bootstrapApplication(App, {
  providers: [
      // The app should have routes configured or the TitleStrategy will not be used
      provide: TitleStrategy, 
      // Will tell Angular DI to inject our CustomTitleStrategy class when TitleStrategy is requested 
      useClass: CustomTitleStrategy, 

In conclusion, using a Custom Title Strategy in Angular is a quick win to improve the applications SEO and user experience. You can find the full code example on StackBlitz .